"An MPH graduate, highly motivated and resourceful youth with progressive professional experiences in the public health sector in Nepal."

Areas of Interest


Health Systems

Health systems includes the network of organizations, institutions, resources, and people involved in delivering healthcare services to individuals, communities, and populations. It includes various building blocks; service delivery, health workforce, information, medical products, vaccines and technologies, financing and leadership and governance.

Implementation Research

Implementation Research addresses implementation bottlenecks, identifies optimal approaches for a particular setting, and promotes the uptake of research findings: ultimately, it leads to improved health care and its delivery.

Health Policy, and Management

Health Policy and Management encompasses an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing the health systems and services, exploring the factors influencing health policies and examining the social determinants of health.

Public Health Informatics and Social Innovations in health

Public health informatics involves the methodical utilization of data, technology, and information systems in both public health practice and research. Social innovation includes specific interventions with social purpose, such as activism, crowdfunding and distance learning approaches.

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Public Health Updates

Provides the latest updated information regarding Nepal's health systems, national plan, policies, guidelines, and health facts.


Consulting Services

Provides consultancy services for essential public health functions and offer professional expertise for a wide range of assignments.


Vacancy Announcement Service

Nepal Health Job Dashboard provides the latest health job opportunities and vacancy announcements for health professionals.

  • Public health event promotion

  • Job/ EOI/ RFP posting

  • Head hunt and roster services

  • Information sharing, policy briefs, news, best practices and reports dissemination

  • Public Health Information Network (PHIN)

  • Mentorship Program for Public Health Youths & Students

  • Research work, field work, advocacy, partnership for organizing public health events

  • Public health day celebration, training, conference, seminar and workshop

  • External evaluator, guest lecturers, facilitator

  • Continuous Public Health Education In Nepal

  • Winter & Summer Health Courses in Nepal

  • Collaboration for Research in Nepal (Implementation Research, Health systems research, Health informatics, Planetary health and NCDs).

  • Multi-country partnership for public health interventions

  • Public Health Internship & Student Exchange Program in Nepal

  • Public Health Tourism

  • Collaboration with Implementation Research (IR) Initiative in Nepal, Public Health Update, Public Health Youth Society of Nepal and other professional organizations in Nepal

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