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I am a highly motivated and passionate individual dedicated to the field of public health in Nepal. With an academic background of PCL in general medicine, a Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) and a Master's degree in Public Health (MPH), I am committed to making a positive impact on the people's health and the health systems in Nepal.

My primary professional goal is to become an influential public health expert in Nepal, contributing significantly to the improvement of healthcare services. I firmly believe in investing in public health innovations to strengthen the national health system and increase access to quality and affordable healthcare for hard-to-reach and underserved populations in rural areas.

I am deeply interested in areas such as health systems, health policy, and management, as well as implementation research and public health informatics. I recognize the importance of integrating innovative solutions into the Nepalese context to develop evidence-based health policies and practices.

In addition to my academic achievements and professional role, I have established myself as a public health blogger and the founder of Public Health Update. Through this platform, I have been able to share updates, information, and opportunities for public health professionals worldwide. I am also an active social media activist, focusing on addressing public health issues and promoting well-being in Nepal.

I possess extensive experience in planning, managing, and implementing public health interventions across various sectors, including government, NGOs, INGOs, and intergovernmental organizations. Furthermore, I actively engage in professional activities through professional organizations like the Nepal Public Health Association and the Public Health Youth Society of Nepal, working collaboratively to promote health, prevent diseases, and improve well-being in Nepal.

My professional background includes extensive experience in drafting plans and policies, conducting research, engaging stakeholders, and implementing public health interventions at both the national and sub-national levels in Nepal. My expertise lies in reviewing plans, policies, and guidelines related to health service delivery, evidence profiling, and tool development. I am proficient in analyzing and reporting on government health systems, as well as compiling information and tracking progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I excel at preparing detailed reports that generate evidence from diverse sources, contributing to advocacy and lobbying efforts within the unique context of Nepal.

In addition, I possess strong skills in collecting best practices, synthesizing information from scientific publications and reports, generating research ideas, conducting papers and systematic reviews, and gathering scientific findings from various sources. Implementation research is an area where I have a solid understanding, as it addresses the challenges of putting research into practice, identifies optimal approaches for specific settings, and facilitates the uptake of research findings.

Throughout my professional journey, I have consistently achieved success in completing assigned tasks, demonstrating strong management, leadership, and interpersonal skills while collaborating with supervisors and coworkers. I am adept at maintaining productive relationships with stakeholders through effective communication.

My regular activities involve collecting best practices, compiling evidence, advocating for public health, and utilizing social media to disseminate vital health information. With unwavering dedication, I am committed to making a significant technical contribution to improving people's health in Nepal, and I strive to be a catalyst for positive change in the field of public health.




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2022- 2024

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
[Master of Public Administration]

2018- 2019
Master Degree in Public Health (Implementation Research)

Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2018- 2019 [Master Degree in Public Health, A special course designed by World Health Organization Tropical Diseases Research (WHO TDR) and Gadjah Mada University]

2010 - 2014
Bachelor Degree of Public Health

LA GRANDEE International College, Pokhara University, Pokhara, Nepal 2010 - 2014 [Bachelor Degree of Public Health, A four-years course provided by Pokhara University]

2009 - 2009
Intermediate level +2 Equivalent Course (Pre-requisite course

[Higher Secondary Education Board, Janata Higher Secondary School, Tansen Palpa, Nepal 2009 - 2009 [Intermediate level +2 Equivalent Course (Pre-requisite course), A special course designed for PCL health science students]

2006 - 2009
Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) in General Medicine

[Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Pokhara Technical Health Multipurpose Institute, Pokhara, Nepal 2006 - 2009 [Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) in General Medicine (Health Assistant]


Climate Change and Health Certificate
Yale School of Public Health, Yale University
Feb 2022

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Southeast Asia Regional Braintrust, Health Systems Global
March 2022- till now.

Public Health Initiative (Public Health Update)
Dec 2011- Till now.

Regional Coordinator for South East Asian Region,

Next Generation for Global Health Security Network
March 2022 to till now

President, Public Health Youth Society of Nepal (PHYSoN), Nepal
November 2018 to till now.


Public Health Analyst, Crown Agents.
(Responsible for providing analytical support and insights to improve the delivery of healthcare services in Nepal. Provide analysis of public health outcomes and key determinants pertinent to the Nepal Health Sector Support Program (NHSSP3) and supply analytical products and briefs.)

Technical Advisor, Policy Strategy and Engagement,
US Pharmacopeia

Human Resources for Health (HRH) Officer
Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal (SSA Contract provided by WHO Nepal)

Senior Health Project Officer, IFRC/ Canadian Red Cross, Kathmandu, Nepal

Program Specialist, Research Triangle institute (RTI) International, Health for Life Project

Program Officer, Research Triangle institute (RTI) International, Health for Life Project, District Health Office, Government of Nepal

Naulo Ghumti Nepal, Pokhara, Kaski
Urban Health Centre, District Public Health Office
Youth Power Nepal, Pokhara, Kaski
Syangja Unitylife Hospital Waling, Syangja
Chilaunebas Health Post, Syangja

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